The General Student Council (abbreviated AStA) is the political representation of students at the University of Göttingen and the supreme body of student self-government. Every year in January, the university elections take place, in which various political university groups compete. The elected AStA then represents the students’ interests vis-à-vis the other institutions of the university, such as the presidium, the Studentenwerk and other committees.

We see ourselves as AStA, which is committed exclusively to the student interests in Göttingen. We want to encourage students to think outside the box and gain access to topics in a self empowered way. You are also welcome to become active yourself, improve your studies and life in Göttingen and engage in one of the numerous initiatives at the university and in the city, in order to make lasting changes and to work for a better society and good living conditions. Focus areas of our work are for example the abolition of all study fees, the general improvement of study conditions, gender equality in both the academic and social contexts, equitable access to higher education for all, and a diverse offer of education. For this purpose, we offer a diverse range of events from political lectures, film screenings and various workshops.



The AStA is organized in five units: Chair, University networking, Finance, Foreign and Social Affairs. This is primarily, but by no means exclusively, advisory and structural work. We also take care of the various topics of the students with the help of specialists in the individual units. In the individual presentations you will also find a direct link to the respective office hours. Teams, who can be reached here, take care of the areas train, bus & culture semester ticket, first semester support as well as public relations.



We are always at your disposal. Contact details, office hours and more can be found on this overview page.