Department of Digitalisation

The AStA Department of Digitalisation is currently headed by Lorenz Glißmann.

Aside from maintenance work on our own internal IT, the tasks of the Department for Digitalisation also include networking with other structures that are active in this area, such as the GWDG and the university’s privacy protection team.  In addition, we organize various kinds of events in order to encourage debates about current internet-related political topics or to further develop the digital services for students. Our weekly department meetings are open, which means that anyone who is interested can participate.

Another one of our formats in which everyone can participate is the Task Force Digitalisation, in which we deal with specific questions regarding the university’s digital services. One of the current topics we are dealing with is online elections, as there are plans to introduce them at the university in 2022/23.
You can find an overview of the Task Force Digitalisation’s work in our Owncloud. A public link will be available here soon. Until then, we can also activate accounts on request.

Part of the IT work in the AStA is that we create function accounts. This service is also available to university groups. If you are interested, please contact us.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can always reach us by mail.
For admin stuff, for example if the printer in the AStA isn’t working yet again, you can also contact us at