How do I get my chip card as a first year student?

You can apply for your chip card at the university - detailed instructions can be found here.
If you only want to apply for a new ID card and you have been enrolled for a longer period of time, you can find all important information here under the point Study Organization: Chip Card.

Who do I contact if the chip card does not reach me in time?

If your chip card does not reach you in time, you can contact the Service office

Can I travel by train and bus with my provisional semester ticket or matriculation certificate?

Only the validated chip card is recognized as a ticket by the transport associations, a provisional semester ticket is not available in Göttigen. However, if you are attending preliminary courses, you can get a preliminary course ticket for the buses.

How can I renew my chip card at the moment?

You can have your chip card re-validated at the renewal printers at the university. There is one in the ZHG at the entrance opposite the Oeconomicum.
You can find everything else here