AStA seminar rooms

In the house of the AStA there are two seminar rooms on the first floor and a meeting room on the upper floor. These can be used by Fachgruppen, Fachschaftsräte or university groups for one-off events or on a semester basis.

The AStA garden is also available to Fachschaftsräte and university groups for small events during normal times.
If you are interested, you must contact the AStA secretariat (

Since the Covid-19 numbers continue to drop, the AStA is reopening its seminar rooms. This means that you can now submit applications for room use again.

However, the Covid-19 hygiene guidelines still apply, namely:

    • Masking is mandatory throughout the building
    • Keep distance
    • Regular ventilation in the rooms

Each time you are in the rooms, you must fill out a contact tracking list on display and then drop it in the AStA mailbox or hand it in at the secretary’s office.
Furthermore, there is a maximum number of participants in the rooms specified by the university. In seminar room 1 on the ground floor 11 people are allowed to sit, the room has parliamentary seating; in seminar room 2 on the ground floor a maximum of 8 people are allowed to sit.

Caution: with rising Covid-19 numbers we reserve the right to close applications again.