Campus Map

Anyone who visits Göttingen will quickly notice that the university’s facilities are scattered around many different places in the city. For many students, orienting themselves on this scattered campus is a tall task – especially in their first semester. An electronic city map can be found on the website of the city administration. In addition, a very detailed map of all university facilities is available at the university’s website (and also as an Android app!). Our campus map provides an overview of where the main facilities, dorms, etc. are located. Unfortunately, the campus has changed slightly since that map was created in 2017. Nevertheless, we decided that it is still very helpful.

Most of the university’s facilities (though certainly not all of them) are concentrated around three places:

  • The Central Campus is home to many facilities for students of the humanities, economics, social sciences, and law. Medicine also has a few buildings here. The Studentenwerk as well as the main library (SUB) can be found here. The Central Campus’ main square, the ‘Platz der Göttinger Sieben’, is a popular gathering spot for students.
  • In the University Clinic medical students are trained. The university’s sports facilities are located in the hills above the clinic and can be used by students at favorable conditions. The sports program includes more than 100 courses per semester.
  • At the North Campus you can find most of the facilities of the natural sciences. A Mensa with a rich menu as well as other cafés and bistros invite you to linger after the courses. The new botanical garden offers another opportunity to relax.