Department of Political Education

The Department of Political Education is currently vacant.

With our efforts to provide political education, we underline the general political claim of our AStA. We organize lectures, panel discussions and excursions to provide a supplementary offer to the standard curriculum. Topics range from current events to more general socio-political issues.

We want to give students the opportunity to deal with content inside and outside of their studies in a socio-critical way. However, our aim is not simply to impart knowledge, but rather to promote the ability to discuss the topics presented and to question one’s own positions self-critically. In terms of content, we focus on questions of anti-fascism, feminism and climate justice.

If you have any suggestions or proposals for events, just mail us: We welcome any suggestions.


Demo checklist: What is important for actions?

Demos are an important form of political expression – and especially for young people and students an important instrument to become politically visible. For successful actions and demonstrations we need good preparation, exchange of experiences and action techniques that can be learned! Therefore, we wanted to organize an action training in December in cooperation with the network Skills for Action, which unfortunately had to be cancelled. However, for all those who are interested, we have now created a “demo guide”, which you can download here (currently only in German): Affinity Group Checklist Here you can find out what you need for a demo, why forming affinity groups is so important and what you should discuss in advance. For further information please have a look at the website of skills for action: