Department of Ecology, Sustainability and Society

The AStA Department of Ecology, Sustainability and Society deals with topics of environmental and climate protection. We consider ourselves an open department in which all interested students are invited to participate.
We see our scope for action on two levels. On the one hand, we see the university and associated institutions in particular as having a responsibility to integrate sustainability into their organizational culture. Therefore, we actively seek dialogue with the respective representatives of the university, studIT, building management and the Studentenwerk in order to advocate for infrastructural, structural and nutritional improvements. In this context, we also advocate the establishment of an independent staff unit for sustainability. We also seek to establish a lively exchange with climate protection-related bodies at the municipal level.

On an accessible individual level we try to inform students about and give examples of environmentally friendly behaviour. To this end, we organize various event formats such as lectures, workshops and film evenings, and we produce publications. The AStA bicycle workshop and the AStA garden also provide spaces for learning and exchange. Furthermore, we cooperate closely with committed (university) groups and support them in organizing and promoting their own events.

If you have any ideas, suggestions or questions, you can contact us at any time by mail.