Finance Department

The AStA Finance Department is currently headed by Maja Horstrup.

It is responsible for drawing up and implementing the student body’s budget, as well as for the control and proper accounting of the financial affairs of the student self-administration, in particular of the AStA, the Fachschaftsräte and the Fachgruppen, as well as for negotiating and concluding framework agreements.

If you need financial support for projects and events, or reimbursement of travel and accommodation costs for trips in the interest of the student body, an application can be submitted to the Finance Department. The relevant forms for this (among other things) can be found in the download area.
The work of this department is regularly controlled and monitored by the student parliament. For example, the student parliament has the final say on the budget, the salaries of the AStA workers, the adoption of supplementary budgets and the discharge of the head of the Finance Department.

The AStA’s annual accounts are also checked for errors and discrepancies by experienced auditors.

Information on office hours and on how to contact the department can be found here.

Supporting student initiatives

In keeping with our guiding principle of “Diversity in teaching, studying and life”, student initiatives are a valuable part of campus life. Through a lot of voluntary work, projects can be realized that provide important contributions to social, societal or academic issues. Through events and projects, students grow beyond everyday academic duties by cultivating both their independence and individual skills. We have made it our mission to support this enormously important work both infrastructurally and financially. This can be done in many different ways. If, for example, problems arise when applying for financial support or if there is a need for advice on university facilities, we will help.

If you have any questions, suggestions, requests or problems, please feel free to contact us at

Important documents for initiative funding applications (currently only available in German; if you need help with an application, you can contact our Department of Internal Affairs):