Bodys and Representations

The self-administration of the student body is carried out in the following bodies:

Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss (AStA)

The highest body of student self-administration is the AStA, whose website you are currently on 🙂

Studierendenparlament (StuPa)

The students of the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen declare their will through the Student Parliament (StuPa), which is elected annually in January, and through a ballot. Thus, the Student Parliament is the highest decision-making body of the student body: It elects and controls the General Student Committee (AStA), which represents the student body externally, i.e. within and outside the University. It is made up of the university political groups that are elected in January of each year, which you can read about here. The student representatives in the Studentenwerk are also elected by the student parliament every year in December.

More information can be found on the Homepage of the Student Parliament.

Student Councils = Fachschaftsräte (FSR)

The student representatives are your first point of contact when problems arise with your degree programme. Many student councils also organise the O-Phase, organise events for you or otherwise ensure exchange between the students of the respective faculty. We have collected the contact details for all student councils here for you.

Department Groups = Fachgruppen (FG)

Subject groups represent the interests of individual degree programmes. They often organise O-phases and other events. In contrast to the student councils, however, their possibilities for exerting influence are limited. At the Faculty of Philosophy in particular, they are more directly in touch with you students than the student council, as the target group is clearer. An overview of which subject groups are assigned to which subjects can be found here.

Other advocacy groups

International Student Council (ISC)

The ISC is elected every year from the International Students Parliament (ISP) and therefore is the representation of all international students at our university. It attends all their concerns and is the contact for problems and queries.

Every two weeks the ISC is in session, Friday 2pm to 4pm.
Link (please turn on your camera, but not obligatory):

ICR Contact/Contact:

Representation for Students with Disabilities (VfSB)

Lehramtsstudierendenvertretung (LSV)

The Student Teacher Representative Council (LSV) is the coordinating body of the student councils in matters concerning teacher training at the University of Göttingen.
The tasks of the LSV are in particular:

  • the coordination of the teaching-related work of the student councils and subject groups of the faculties involved in the teaching degree programmes,
  • supporting the work of the student members of the Study Commission Teacher Education as well as the ZELB Board,
  • the promotion of the level of information and the formation of opinion among students with regard to teacher training.

For more information, here.