Department of Internal Affairs

The AStA Department of Internal Affairs is headed by Natalie Reusch.

We are your contact persons for questions regarding exams, issues about your studies, or problems with lecturers. In addition, our department organizes the ‘Urwahl’, i.e. the ballot for the semester ticket.
We also support the work of the various Fachschaftsräte (FSR) – your student representation at the faculty level – and the Fachgruppen (FG), and we are in contact with university leadership as well as with the student representatives in the committees of the academic self-administration. This is mainly the responsibility of Natalie Reusch, Lea Moorkamp and Roman Kirk. In this way, we want to help achieve better study conditions, a better campus infrastructure, and stronger student participation opportunities for you. We also keep a list of all FSR and FG email addresses, which we always try to keep up-to-date. If you have questions or problems in your studies, or you want to get involved yourself, they are a good place for you to go.

You can always reach us by mail. In addition, we can arrange a telephone or video conference call if desired. You can always reach us by mail.

The AStA’s support structure for first-year students is also located in this department, currently staffed by Patrick Marquardt. If you have any questions, he can be reached by mail and by phone under +49 176 61452469.

The AStA has a fairly large inventory of various items such as beer benches, pavilions, and coffee machines. These can be borrowed by student groups. The inventory is currently being managed by Anna Járy. If you are interested, please write a mail to our rental account.