Germany Semesterticket

The Germany semester ticket is only valid from 1.10.2024. Until then, you can use the old rail semesterticket and bus semesterticket. Information on how to get your ticket will be published here at the beginning of September.

If you already have a Deutschlandticket, you should cancel it at the end of September to avoid paying twice. Please note the notice periods of your provider.
The upgrade will be automatically canceled by GöVB at the end of September.

Changes to the student-ID imprint

From the next winter semester (1.10.24) we will be introducing the Deutschlandticket. It will cost 60% of the normal Deutschlandticket price, i.e. €176.40 per semester. You pay this amount with your semester fee. The ticket will then be valid on all public transport in Germany and for the whole semester.
As the ticket is usually* only offered as a digital ticket on mobile devices, there will be the following changes to the imprint on the student chip cards. For re-registrants for the winter semester 2024/25 who are eligible for the semester tickets, TWO dates will be printed on the cards:

So that no days of the previous semester ticket for the summer semester are “lost” after re-registration from 01.06.2024, Semesterticket 01.06.2024 – 30.09.2024 and the logo of the previous semester ticket will then be printed at the top. The end date should not lead to confusion, because
From 1.10.2024, only the digital semester ticket will then be valid as an application on mobile devices. There will no longer be an imprint on the cards as a ticket. The Deutschlandticket MUST* be set up on a mobile device. Further information on how this will work will follow shortly.
The validity date of the card will be printed at the bottom (until 31.03.2025), including the Kulturticket logo. The card can then be shown at all Kulturticket events until the end date of winter semester 2024/25.

The renewal of the ID card is still necessary regardless of the use of the tickets! The validity of the re-registration is encoded on the internal chip of the student ID card upon renewal in order to obtain the authorization for the student price in the canteens and cafeterias or to obtain/extend valid access if necessary.

The card can be extended immediately after successful re-registration. It is not necessary to wait until the last day of the current semester. This avoids waiting times at the renewal printers.
*If you are unable to use the ticket digitally, you can be provided with a chip card.

Questions about the Semesterticket (FAQ)

From when is the Deutschlandsemesterticket valid?

The ticket is valid from the start of the winter semester (1.10.2024).
Will the ticket still be printed on the student ID card?

No. For legal reasons, our student ID cards are not valid as a Deutschlandticket. We will explain to you in good time exactly how you can get the ticket. You can follow us on Instagram or Telegram or check back here from time to time.
Do I still have to renew my student ID?

Yes, the current Kulturticket will be printed on the ID card. Your ID card must also be extended for use in the canteen.
How do I get the Deutschlandsemesterticket?

The ticket is usually offered as a digital ticket in the wallet on your cell phone. We will explain exactly how this works soon.
If you do not have the option of using the ticket digitally, there will be a chip card solution. More information on this will follow soon.
Why are we introducing the Deutschlandsemesterticket?

In January, the student body decided in favor of the solidarity Germany ticket in a ballot. Because it is a solidarity ticket, all students at Göttingen University have to buy it. In return, it only costs 60% of the normal price.
Where can I travel with the ticket?

The ticket is valid on local public transport throughout Germany. You can find more information on validity here, for example.
Do I have to cancel my upgrade?

The upgrade that you were able to buy from GöVB in addition to the semester ticket will be canceled by GöVB on 1.10.2024. Of course, you can also cancel it yourself. Please contact the GöVB for this. You can find information on canceling in the FAQs.
What if I already have a Deutschlandticket for 49€?
In this case, you cannot be exempted from paying the Deutschlandsemesterticket. You should cancel your Deutschlandticket so that you don’t pay twice. The Deutschlandticket only costs 60% of the actual price.

Office Hour

If you still have questions after researching here, you can either make an appointment with us or contact our semester ticket officer:
All current conditions and individual contracts with the rail companies can be viewed by all students at the AStA.