Welcome to the AStA of the University of Göttingen!

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We are here to help you with all questions about your studies. Feel free to browse our site and write to us if you have any further questions!

Important information:
– Due to the persisting Covid-19 threat, the AStA building can currently only be entered if you have an appointment. We therefore ask you to make an appointment in advance with our secretary or with the specific Department you wish to talk to: https://asta.uni-goettingen.de/asta/sprechzeiten-und-kontakt/
– The semester ticket can be used as a 9€ ticket. For students of the Uni Göttingen it is not necessary to buy a 9€ ticket, you simply show your Student ID. The way in which overpaid fees will be refunded remains open. We will of course keep you informed and wish you a lot of fun with sustainable travel!

The most important things:

Your First Semester

Are you new to Göttingen University or starting out in a new field of study? Here you will find all the information you need at the beginning.

Semester ticket

If you have any questions about the semester tickets for buses, trains and cultural institutions that you receive with your student ID or want to know how to extend their validity for the new semester, click here.


Being active in groups, clubs or parties not only helps you meet new people, but also shapes your personality and can help shape your future. Here you will find an overview many ways to get involved at the university.

Counselling services and support

We offer various counselling services on legal situations and student financing, but also individual support measures, such as trans* counselling and student loans.

Latest news: