Results of the Semester Ticket ballot 2022

After the election results we can now also present to you the results for the semester tickets. The results of the ballot were confirmed on 28.01. in the election committee of the university and are therefore valid. Here is the amount of yes-votes achieved for each ticket:

Rail Semester Ticket: 4,627 yes votes out of 6,277 valid votes cast (73.71%)

Culture Semester Ticket: 4,755 yes votes out of 6,252 valid votes cast (76.06%)

Bus Semester Ticket: 4,100 yes votes out of 6,256 valid votes cast (65.54%)

In addition to a simple majority of yes votes, a certain quorum of yes votes must be reached, namely 4,253 yes votes (15% of 28,348 eligible voters, rounded up). The bus ticket failed to meet this quorum this year, so it is considered not to have been accepted by the ballot. However, the Student Parliament can revise this result, and since a clear majority of the votes cast for the bus ticket were yes votes, this will probably happen. We will keep you up to date on this!