European elections – important for nature and climate

Emission Trading System, Natura 2000 conservation areas or incentives for ecological agriculture. Around 80% of the laws we have for environmentalism were passed on EU level. An important part of this legislative process is the European Parliament. It gets elected every five years; the next election will be on June 9th.Almost every law on EU level needs the approval of the European Parliament. But, for many votings the majorities are not distinct. An example of this was the vote for the Nature Restoration Law. This law contains mandatory targets for nature conservation. It passed the EU Parliament with a majority of 12 votes- in a parliament with 705 members. After a compromise with the European Commission and the Council of the EU (the other parts of European legislation) the majority in the parliament was higher than during the first vote.

The result of the European election and the connected majorities will have a big influence on European legislation. For European nature protection and the many other topics that are decided on EU level it is very important to participate in this election.

In short: on June 9th is European election. Go to this election and talk with others about the importance of this election.