Housing in Göttingen

When you start your studies or semester, the big question also arises: Where will I live? And with it: How do I find suitable accommodation? What should I look out for when looking for accommodation?  

Here are a few guidelines:

Information brochure on student housing in Göttingen

We have prepared an information brochure for you with relevant information about student housing in Göttingen. In it, we answer the following questions, among others:

For further help, you are also welcome to contact us directly during our office hours.

Für weitere Hilfe könnt ihr Euch auch gerne direkt bei uns in unserern Sprechstunden melden.

Our brochure (unfortunately only available in German so far)

 Dormitories of the Studentenwerk


In principle, the application takes place via an online application on the website of the Studentenwerk. Exceptions are exchange students, families and residents of the halls of residence of the Studentenwerk Göttingen.
You can apply for different types of accommodation, for example single rooms or double flats, which you should find out about before applying.
You do not need to submit a certificate of enrolment until you move in. An application can also be withdrawn.
When applying, you can apply for preferential admission to a hall of residence if you are seriously ill or severely disabled. However, this is only possible under certain circumstances. You can find more details about this and the extended application procedure in the FAQ of the Studentenwerk.
Always note that the application must be complete!

Waiting time

There is usually a high number of applicants for hall of residence places. It is therefore strongly recommended that you apply for a place as early as possible, preferably when you apply for your place at university. An application for a place is always non-binding!

International students

General information

International students can contact the Accommodation Service of Göttingen International with questions about housing.

Study abroad in Göttingen

The following applies to students in exchange studies (Erasmus+) or in Double/Joint Degree or Erasmus Mundus programmes in Göttingen.

You can apply for accommodation via the Accommodation Service, which is provided by the Studentenwerk Göttingen. You cannot apply directly via the Studentenwerk!

You can find all the important information on how to apply in time and on the different types of accommodation here.

Short stays

The following applies to people who have a research stay, an internship (Erasmus +, etc.) or a short-term stay of 1 to a maximum of 12 months in Göttingen and are enrolled at their home university or at the University of Göttingen.

You can apply for a place in the hall of residence Kreuzbergring 44-46. You can apply directly via the online form of the Studentenwerk. When applying, be sure to state how long you will be staying in Göttingen. Further information and contact options can be found here.

Private housing market

Where can I find a flat?

The most common way to search for flats and flat-shares is via various portals on the internet. Don’t just look at housing associations, but also at private providers.

Some websites offering accommodation are these:

City districts

Which district is the most suitable?

  • Rental prices in Göttingen are relatively high, especially in and near the city centre.
  • Overall, it is easy to reach the university and the city centre in Göttingen by bike or bus, even if your own flat is a little further away from the city centre.
  • Weende, the city centre, the Ostviertel, Südstadt and the northern part of Geismar are particularly popular among students.

Neighbourhoods in Göttingen

  • The central campus is located on the northern border to the city centre. Above it is Weende. East of the city centre is the Ostviertel, south is Geimar and west is Grone.
  • Depending on whether you will be at the North Campus or the Central Campus for your field of study, it is worth looking in different areas if you want to live close to the university. The best way to do this is to look at a map of Göttingen’s city districts.
  • But there are not only housing options directly in Göttingen. There is also much cheaper accommodation in parts further out, such as Bovenden and Rosdorf, which can be reached with the Bussemesterticket. Information on the area of validity of the semester ticket can be found here. However, the bus or bicycle journey is correspondingly longer.


Rental agreements

Here are a few things to look out for in a tenancy agreement:

  • Is it a graduated tenancy agreement? In a graduated tenancy agreement, the rent is regularly increased. Make sure that you will be able to pay the rent in the future.
  • What are the operating and ancillary costs made up of? Is appropriate building glass insurance included?
  • Is it a fixed-term or open-ended lease? What about a period of notice?
  • Read the tenancy agreement carefully; it is best to have it looked at by people who have signed a tenancy agreement before.

Viewing and handover of the flat

  • Take a good look around when you view the flat. Ask questions about anything that is unclear or important to you.
  • Take someone you trust with you, ideally someone with experience of viewing flats.
  • Make a handover report when you hand over the flat. Many landlords do this themselves. Make sure you write down any damage you see, e.g. cracks in the wall, cables hanging out, etc. Also write down the meter readings for water, gas and electricity. Also meter readings such as water, gas and electricity. You can then demand that the defects be remedied.
  • If you see mould in the flat, for example on the walls, it is best to look for other accommodation.
  • Private dormitory rooms under the 200.00 € mark are also rented out. Here, too, great caution is advised. Some of them are in poor condition and you often have to share the kitchen and bathroom with other tenants. You should see if you can come to terms with this.

Tenants’ Association Germany

The German Tenants’ Association provides information about your rights as a tenant on its website. There you will also find information about possible pitfalls and mistakes when renting.

If you have any questions, you can contact the German Tenants’ Association via a contact form or a hotline.

Fitter’s room

At www.monteurzimmer-goettingen.de you will find affordable alternatives for interim rent until you have found permanent accommodation.