Rail Semester Ticket

From the next winter semester (1.10.24), the Deutschlandsemesterticket will replace this ticket. It will cost 60% of the normal Deutschlandticket price, i.e. €176.40 per semester. You pay this amount with your semester fee. The ticket will then be valid on all public transport in Germany.

Where is the rail semester ticket valid?

You can find the exact list of all connections in the current information flyer of the semester ticket. The flyer is also available in printed form, for example for your wallet. You can pick it up in the AStA building (Goßlerstraße 16a) or at the glass box in the Central Lecture Hall Building between lecture halls 010 and 011, as well as in the Office of Student Affairs at Wilhelmsplatz.

The rail semester ticket expires on 30.09.2024. After that, we will introduce the Germany semester ticket.


Office hour

If you still have questions after reading this, you are welcome to make an appointment with us or contact our rail and bus ticket commissioner:
Mail: semesterticket@asta.uni-goettingen.de
All current conditions and individual contracts with the railroad companies can be viewed at our office by all students.


Questions about the semester ticket (FAQ)

What is the relationship between the semester ticket and the 9€ ticket?
The semester ticket works as a proof for the 9€-ticket. The overpaid fees will either be made available to you as credit for the semester fee WiSe 2022/23, or if you exmatriculate, they will be refunded by the university. You can find more details here.
Can I have my semester ticket refunded?
Students who are entitled to free train travel due to a disability will be reimbursed for the semester ticket fee. Students who are enrolled at another university in Lower Saxony or Bremen and receive the state-wide semester ticket there can also have the fee reimbursed. Furthermore, there is the possibility to apply for a hardship case exception at the AStA. Detailed information can be found here.
I was caught without a semester ticket. What do I have to do?
In such a case, the railroad charges an “increased transportation fee” of 60 euros. However, depending on the railroad company, this can be reduced to a processing fee of about 7 euros if you show your semester ticket at the DB ReiseService at the station within the deadline (14 days).
I am on leave of absence. Can I still use the semester ticket?
Students on leave of absence do not receive a semester ticket for the period of their leave of absence. Pay attention when renewing the chip card for the semester of leave! The semester ticket imprint will be deleted, the semester ticket is then not usable (also for the rest of the pre-vacation semester). It is therefore best to extend your semester ticket just before the start of the vacation semester.
I am a freshman and would like to travel to Göttingen. Can I use the ticket on my first trip?
No, unfortunately a certificate of enrollment is not sufficient to make use of your semester ticket. Even if you already have your new student ID, you can only use the Semesterticket from the official start of the semester onward (summer semester: April 1st / winter semester October 1st).
Is the semester ticket also valid on buses?
Yes. There is a separate bus semester ticket with which you can use the buses of the GöVB within the city area, as well as the night bus lines and the regional buses to and from Bovenden and Rosdorf (for the latter, the start or destination must be outside of Göttingen).
Can I also use the ICE/IC for an additional charge?
No. To travel on an InterCity or an InterCityExpress, you must purchase a regular ticket from Deutsche Bahn. There are no discounts with the semester ticket. An exception is the IC from Bremen to Norddeich-Mole, which is included in the rail semester ticket.
What do semester tickets cost?
In the summer semester of 2021, the rail semester ticket costs €142.92. In addition, there is the fee for the bus semester ticket of 50,90€ and the fee for the culture ticket of 9,81€.
All these amounts are already included in the re-registration fee under the item “Studierendenschaftsbeitrag”.
Is the free transport of bicycles possible with the rail semester ticket?
The transport of a bicycle is not included in the rail semester ticket. A separate bicycle ticket must be purchased for this purpose.
Can I take my child with me on the train for free?
Children under the age of 6 are carried free of charge in accordance with the General Conditions of Carriage of Deutsche Bahn AG. This also applies if the traveler starts their journey with the semester ticket. However, there are no special discounts for children and adolescents.
Can I use the tram in Hannover with the semester ticket?
No. The semester ticket is only valid on the S-Bahn (“Stadtschnellbahn”), not on the tram!