Bus Semester Ticket

Since winter semester 2014/15, the students vote for the bus semester ticket. In the last university elections in 2022, the ticket was not adopted. Instead, it was later introduced by the student parliament.

Where is the bus semester ticket valid?

The bus semester ticket entitles you to travel on all GöVB city buses as well as on the GöVBen buses to Rosdorf and Bovenden (all two-digit bus numbers). Also included are the night buses of the GöVB, which operate during the night from Friday to Saturday and from Saturday to Sunday. The night lines are single-digit and can be recognized by a preceding N (e.g. N8 according to Geismar). The three-digit bus routes 130, 180 and 185 to and from Bovenden and Rosdorf are also included in the semester ticket. The starting or destination point of the journey must, however, be outside the city of Göttingen. The trips must start or end in Rosdorf or Bovenden, trips solely within the city of Göttingen are not allowed with the Regionalbus lines.
Timetable of the GöVB.

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For all more in-depth questions, you are welcome to send us an email . Either we solve the problem immediately or we make an appointment. You can also contact our rail and bus ticket commissioner:
Mail: semesterticket@asta.uni-goettingen.de


Questions about the bus semester ticket (FAQ)

Is it possible to take bicycles for free with the Bussemesterticket?
Yes, you can take your bike on the GöVB buses free of charge with your bus semester ticket, but you are not guaranteed a seat on the bus. Wheelchair users always have priority in case of doubt.
What does the bus semester ticket cost?
In the winter semester 2021/22 and in the summer semester 2022, the bus semester ticket costs €50.90. The amount is already included in the re-registration fee.
Can I take my child on the bus for free?
Children under 6 years of age are carried free of charge in accordance with the General Conditions of Carriage of GöVB. This also applies if the passenger starts his journey with the semester ticket. However, there are no special discounts for children and young people over 6 years of age.
I am on leave of absence. Can I still use the semester ticket?
Students on leave of absence do not receive a semester ticket for the period of their leave of absence. Attention when renewing the chip card for the semester of leave! The semester ticket imprint will be deleted, and the semester ticket cannot be used (even in the semester before the leave of absence). It is therefore best to extend your semester ticket shortly before the start of the semester of leave

I am a freshman and would like to travel by bus. Is there anything I need to be aware of?
Attention! A certificate of enrolment is not sufficient to make use of your bus semester ticket. Even if you already have your new student ID, you can only use the Semesterticket from the official start of the semester (summer semester: 01.04. / winter semester 01.10.)

Can I also use the three-digit bus lines?
No, the three-digit bus lines are the so-called regional bus lines and are not operated by the GöVB. Therefore, they are generally not included in the semester ticket. But: Since the winter semester 16/17, the three-digit bus lines 130, 180 and 185 to and from Bovenden and Rosdorf are included in the semester ticket. However, the starting point or destination of the journey must be outside the city of Göttingen. In all other cases, you must purchase a regular ticket.
I was caught without a semester ticket. What do I have to do?
The GöVB charges an “increased transport fee” of 60 euros. However, this can be reduced to a processing fee of about 7 euros if you show your semester ticket to the administration within the deadline (7 days).


Questions about the Bussemesterticket (FAQ)

Every year, the student parliament decides whether to hold a respective ballot for the three semester tickets. The students decide on the provision of the ticket through their vote in January. Here you can find more detailed information on the bus semester ticket and the ballot.