LeMSHO: Refund in Financial hardship

Students can also have their semester tickets refunded for financial reasons. The “Regulations on benefits to alleviate financial hardship caused by semester tickets” (LeMSHO) regulate reimbursement for financial reasons. Unfortunately, we can only approve a limited number of applications each semester. Therefore, after the application deadline, all applications submitted in full are ranked according to their difference to the income limit and a committee of students from the student parliament finally decides on the allocation of funds within the framework of the regulations. How the reimbursement is awarded in detail is set out in the LeMSHO.

The easiest way to fill in the application is to use a suitable PDF reader.

Please submit your application via mail to the AStA, via email, or in person to the administration office.


can only be considered if complete and on-time!

dates: 1 April – 30 June or 1 October – 15 January

For advice please reach out to the AStA’s Department of Social Affairs during its office hours or via email.

The Application:

Always submit:

  1. Application for a semester ticket refund due to financial hardship and the attached declaration of income.

If you are married, your spouse must also fill out a declaration of income.

  1. Certificate of Enrolment for the current semester

Below, you’ll find an overview of the special charges you can claim in the application and the therefore required documentation.

Special charge
ItemNecessary proof
Independent health insurance4. Disclosure of special chargesCurrent health insurance certificate according to §13a BaföG (from the current semester).
Chronic illness or pregnancy4. Disclosure of special chargesMedial certificate
Single parent4. Disclosure of special chargesWritten declaration that the applicant is solely responsible for the care and upbringing of the child/children
Dependent children4. Disclosure of special charges

Child’s/Children’s birth certificate +

Written declaration that the child/children represent an additional financial burden

Semester abroad3. Semester abroadDocumentation of semester abroad

Regulations for married couples and registered civil partnerships:

  • If you are married or in a registered civil partnership, half of the sum of both your incomes will be taken into account for the application.

There are some errors that occur regularly. It is best to check your application again before submitting it:

  • The application must be complete (do not forget your telephone number etc.).
  • If possible, please specify a German bank account.
  • The account holder should be the person submitting the application.
  • Only exact figures are accepted under item “1.” and “2.” and no monetary ranges (if income varies, enter the average value).
  • All monthly income amounts are noted under “1.” and all additional one-off amounts are noted under “2.” (Do not enter any income twice!).
  • For the declaration of income, total the amounts from “1.”. If you have entered something under “2.”, divide this amount by 6 and add it to the total from “1.”. You then enter the total amount in your declaration of income.
  • Do not forget to tick the boxes under item “4.” (special charges) in the application form, even if they don’t apply to you.