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“Self-determination within limits”

This statement was written by the trans* counseling team of the AStA. The Self-Determination Act (SBG) is being awaited with reservations by trans* people throughout Germany. The law refers to

Queerness stand on the Z-Campus

We invite you to our Queerness stand on the Z-Campus, Platz der Göttinger Sieben, on Wednesday from 12:00. We have prepared information material on queer life realities such as those

AStA comments on the bike referendum

As representatives of the students of the University of Göttingen, we are committed to a city in which mobility is both environmentally friendly and people-friendly. We see the measures proposed

Holocaust memorial day 27.01.

“Never again” is the conclusion and obligation that the opponents of fascism drew 79 years ago from the experience that the Shoah was possible and that its repetition remains possible.

Cooperation with the Rote Hilfe

Dear students, We have received sporadic criticism regarding a workshop that we offered together with the Rote Hilfe as part of our Climate Festival. Since this is a topic of